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I designed a very simple Lotus Notes database with only 5 fields. I am a newbie and I don't know how to set security on one of the fields. Basically on field APPROVED I want to make sure nobody but 2 Notes users can change this field. In fact I would prefer if the other users didn't even SEE the field. There are only 2 users in my company that should ever be able to check that box, and if its not too difficult, even see that box.
thx experts...
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Better implement this differently: use a Status field, and a few Actions on the form to change the status. Make a table of all statuses and their transitions. In some statuses the document cannot be edited, in some the button Edit is displayed, and in some others the button Approve is shown. The standard way to show/hide such a button is based on a user role, e.g. a user needs the Approver role in order to see the Approve button. A document with status Approved can no longer be opened (to be handled in the QueryOpen and QueryModeChange events). The field Status itself should be a computed field, with value Status, so only your code (agents) can modify it.

This is a quick description only, don't hesitate to ask more details if it's too concise.
and to add to that the actual hiding etc. is carried out by two functions 'hide when' which is a formula which when true causes the field or other object to be hidden - right click the field and choose properties and will see a tab in there.

to keep a field shown but lock it for some or all users or different status like Sjef says use the "input enabled" option and again if formula returns true the user can edit etc. look at @userroles formula.

neither of these so the user being able to SEE the field contents in other ways eg pressing alt enter and looking at field properties.

have a look at what Sjef says and one of us can give more pointers if needed - if you use a role in the acl it is much easier when someone leaves etc. than a name directly in the field - I was editing a database the other day originally from at least 1997 which contained lots of ex peoples names directly in fields emails and buttons which is horribly messy for users and developers.



Great info...thaks folks,,,,

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