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Layer 3 Switch Configuration

Hey Guys,

I ran out of IP addresses, it seems our WLAN and Phones are using up a lot of IPs. We have some dummy Cisco SG200 switches in the environment (about 3). Now i got a layer 3 (Cisco 3750x) switch, and I was wondering if this would be sufficient.

L3 SWITCH ( --> Firewall
Route outside 0 0

-Im just going to use the default VLAN 1 and connect the SG200 (dont want to try and trunk these - i hate those switches..lol)
-The wireless APs i will directly plug into the L3 switch and assign them to VLAN2 (10.1.2.x)
- Use ip helper to my DHCP server on the 10.1.1.x network

Would this all work?
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