Few Linked tables are read only after migrating MS Access to SQL Server

Sameer Khanna
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Hello , I migrate MS Access to sql server and linked the tables But Few linked table are read only but i can insert the records directly on the SQL server but not from the MS Access , Any ideas what could be the cause ?

To Add to this i have few pass through queries and after Doing google i understood pass through queries make base tables Read Only and few forums suggested i use with NOLOCK in the queries
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Dale FyeOwner, Dev-Soln LLC
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BEcause they don't contain a primary key,

When migrating Access data to SQL Server, I always make certain that the tables have a primary key.  Then, once the tables are in SQL Server, I always add a TimeStamp field.  This is not a Date/Time field, this is a SQL Server field type which is used to prevent row write conflicts, and are sometimes called "RowVersion"

You definitely need the PK, and I strongly recommend the TimeStamp fields.
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Ditto what Dale said.

I can tell based on the fact that your tables didn't have primary keys that you didn't bother with Referential Integrity.  That is also very important also.  If you are not comfortable working with SSMS, go back to your Access BE and fix up the tables, add RI, and add any necessary indexes.  Then upsize again.

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