Can Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Distributable be removed form my Exchange server?

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A vulnerability scan recently identified Microsoft Visual C++  2005 installed on a bunch of my servers. Since this is no longer supported by Microsoft, it is being listed as a critical vulnerability. Two of the servers where this is installed are my Exchange 2010 CAS and Mailbox servers. They are both running on Server 2008 R2. Can Visual C++ 2005 be safely removed these Exchange servers. Versions 2008 and 2010 are installed on both servers as well. I just want to make sure that they are not somehow dependent on the older version.
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I advise not to remove it or check with Microsoft before you remove it.
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I would leave all Microsoft distributables on the server, as you dont want to impact the MBX or CAS Server Services.

Potentially look about 2016 Exchange or even a Office365 migration as you are the next version of Exchange to become unsupported by Microsoft.


Sounds like I should leave it alone for now. Thanks for the advice.

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