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SQL Get Store Procedure Column Name As Row

I want to retrieve store procedure columns as row without data.

for example I have store procedure SP_Get_All_Country_List with parameter @Return_Data BIT. If I pass Return_Data=1 then it return value but when I pass Return_Data=0 then no data return.

EXEC SP_Get_All_Country_List @Return_Data=0
it show blank columns as :

Country_ID   Country_Name   Country_Region

Now I want this as :

I don't want data I only want column names as row. simply I want store procedure all columns list.
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Vitor Montalvão
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You'll need to change the SP to act as required.
afaik this is not possible, especially when a SP can return different sets based on logic in the SP.
add this to sql

select Country_ID, Country_Name, Country_Region from someTable where 1=2
your existing query here...

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Thanks sameer2010 it works as i expect.