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Anyone care to share recommendations on simple / easy to use / low cost /ieasy to mplement  VPN services?

I've heard of some services that people use with Netflix.  For us, we are looking for a VPN for web surfing.

I'd expect when going through the VPN, that going to something like




would yield an address other than the one provided by the ISP?

Are there different types of VPNs so that if you repeat those checks of your IP address at those websites, the IP they see changes each time? Do those have a different name for that vs. one that would yield the same IP over (minutes / hours?) (but still not the original IP address?
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i used ibvpn before, it works great.

thanks.  how about the idea of changing IP address minute to minute. Does that have a name? A feature on some products?

I am trying cyberghost free and it keeps going through the same 'dallas' IP address.  I guess maybe the paid version would change IP?

And if you are trying to mask your identity from the endpoint, you  have to open an incogneto window each time? there's some things about  you stored as cookies from previous logins that the end point can see even if your IP address changed since the last time?

how about HMA
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what is hma?

its a VPN
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These questions come up all the time and you are technically asking us how can you do something that your ISP or a service provider such as Netflix does not allow.  This is in breach of the author and  responders user agreement with Experts-Exchange.  We are not allowed to assist with anything that contradicts country, company, software, or services, rules and regulations.
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I use CyberGhost VPN www.cyberghostvpn.com/en

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