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Hi. I have a Sonic Wall TZ400 in my main office and I've configure tree VPN. One from my TZ400 to a TZ205, one from my TZ400 to a TZ105 and one from my TZ400 to a TZ205W. The VPNs are working fine but I'm not able to ping from the LAN where is my TZ400 to the others LAN.

Is there a settings missing?

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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional
You may be missing a security setting to allow ping. Easiest test is to temporarily allow all traffic between the two networks and see if it works.
More likely, you have either 1.) a route / NAT issue or 2.) a Subnet issue.

So you have 3 VPNs?

TZ400 (Main Office)  <--->  TZ205
TZ400 (Main Office)  <--->  TZ105
TZ400 (Main Office)  <--->  TZ205W

What are the IP subnets in each office?  I suspect you have a conflict with routing between identical subnets.
I have changed the IPS\ICMP security level and it is working now.

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