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Window 2016 Container vs Docker

I am in the process of study to upgrade my MCSE 2012 to 2016 and having a hard time understanding the difference between a container and docker.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Cliff Galiher

Docker is the tool Microsoft chose to handle their containers.

Thank you for the feedback. So a container is really the "app/ binaries" and the "Docker" is what manages the container correct? What other tools can manage windows containers?
Cliff Galiher

Not quite. Docker is a formst, structure, etc as well.  The closest analogy (while not 100% accurate) is hyper-v and VMs.  Hyper-v is more than just a management tool. You can even use other tools to manage hyper-v VMs.  But hyoer-V is the *technology* that defines the VMs in a Microsoft way. You can't just take a VMWare VM and run it on Hyper-V as-is. They are different. Hyper-v (or VMWare) is the engine.

For containers on 2916, docker is an engine as well. It isn't just a management tool, although the docker command line fills that role just like Hyper-V Manager and PowerShell cmdlets do for Hyper-V. But there is more to docker than just the command line.

As to other tools, there are several. I don't know if, or how many, have been made compatible with server 2016 though. I *do* know that any such tools are out of scope for the 2016 exams.
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Walt Forbes

Ugh.. now I am confused...so if a Docker can also host images why did Microsoft just us their own Container? Still confused on why Docker is needed. Sorry if this is obvious to everyone else.
Cliff Galiher

What is your question?
David Johnson, CD

Windows Server 2016 has 3 types of containers.
Linux Docker Containers, use Ubuntu as the base
Windows Containers use the Windows OS as the base (and use the host kernel) http://windowsitpro.com/windows-server-2016/differences-between-windows-containers-and-hyper-v-containers-windows-server-201
Hyper-V (you're familiar with this)

Containers help solve the it runs on my machine dilemma that often happens between dev and prod. Containers are self contained, lower footprint, more scalable.

Yet another article: https://redmondmag.com/articles/2016/09/01/containers-vs-virtual-machines.aspx
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Thanks everyone, I guess I am being dense and not getting is fully. So it a container really a concept and Docker really the program for lack of a better work that the container images use???
Cliff Galiher

If you are bot familiar with the container concept, EE questions arent a good educational avenue. Too much knowledge to convey in bot enough space. A class, book, or similar is a better tool.

The MCSE exams are not beginner exams. Microsoft's MTA certification is for that. 70-740 conveys that you have *in-depth* expertise in 2916 Compute technologies (including containers.( not just passing in-the-news articles. I'd you want to pass that exam, you really do need to get your hands on some in-depth material. Which an EE question just can't provide.

Containers are a fundamentally different concept in computing. There is no simple direct comparison to anything else, which is why our answers are not ringing clear. It'd kinda like trying to explain the internet in-depth to someone who had only ever worked with 1960s computers who's only data method was lunch cards. You MAY get them to understand two computers wired together. But a vast mesh of machines sharing data, and the intricacies of packetization and routing? You could never explain it too them in a paragraph. Or two. Or three. The fundamentals are not there for them to build on. Such is containers.

I thank everyone for their feedback. I am not a beginner in the field and trying to upgrade my current certificates to 2016. I am just having a hard time wrapping my old head around containers.
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James Murphy
Cliff Galiher

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Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry if you took my last post a defensive.. Thanks again for your guidance.