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Networking Error code 0x80070035

I have a windows 10 laptop connecting a Windows 7 Server. Everything was working fine but now I get the error code 0x80070035.  The device and drives show on windows explorer but will not connect   I tried to search the questions,  the links in the answer were broken.  Any suggestions?
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Patrick Bogers
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There is no such thing as a windows 7 server but ok.
Can you still browse the shares in explorer like \\servername or \\serveripaddress?
When you say "Windows 7 Server", I'm assuming that to be mean that you have a Windows 7 computer that you're trying to share files from. Your error means that the path wasn't found. Try what Patrick has suggested.

Are you able to even ping the Windows 7 computer?
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Yes,  I have Windows 7 machine that the programs that the work stations will access. They all work ok except for this one laptop. It does not let me browse those folder or map those drive. The machine does show as been on the network
Enable browser service, and make sure that. Nic setting > IPv4 > Wins > has Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP
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Aliaster paine

While connecting a  windows 7 operating system machine to a private dns network i got an error code of the same nature.The same problem 0x80070035  again occured when I tried to connect to a different client  and 0x800704cf when i tried to connect to windows server.
The fix for the above problem was way to simple
1) Just go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections, the client for  Microsoft Networks is installed correctly.
2) After this you will find out that everything would be working well.
Very strange I did nothing but when boot up this morning  it is working ok.  Will keep a watch and see if issues returns. I am not going to try any of the fixes recommended - if it ain't broke don't fix it :)
ktaczala that is one of the first things that I checked.
Aliaster-paine - would this be a setting on the windows 7 machine or the windows 10 laptop?
I would do it for both, but it would be more key on the Windows 10 machine.
WIndows 7 did an update an now I get

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Do you have a script attempting to map drives?
We are not using a script.
It gets weirder. When I booted by this morning - could not reconnect to the drive.  However 3 hours later it worked ok.
You can make a registry tweak that may help, which prevents auto disconnects:
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