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Windows network share: asks credentials when trying to access (on some workstations)


I have a situation where some of our users are required to re-enter their username and password when accessing a shared drive. Once they re-enter it, everything works.

If I map the drive using 'net use s: \\servername\sharedfolder' they have that problem (but not everyone)
If i map the drive using 'net use s:\\serveripaddress\sharedfolder' then the problem doesn't seem to occur (yet).

If I do a nslookup servername I don't have any problems, ping servername works as well (on the affected laptops), so it doesn't seem to be a dns problem (but I'm no expert on dns matters...)

This happens on Windows 7 and Windows 10 laptops.

On Windows 10 (which I am testing now) I get the following error message:
"An error occured while reconnecting S: to \\servername\foldername  Microsoft Windows Network: A device attached to the system is not functioning. This connection has not been restored."
Ping servername: no problem
nslookup servername: no problem
reconnecting network drive using 'net use'  with the ip adres:  no problem
reconnecting network drive using 'net use' with the server name on the cmd prompt: "The password is invalid for \\servername\folder. Enter the username for...".

If I enter the command "set user" on the command prompt, the USERDOMAIN is correct, the USERNAME is correct, everything look alright.

Does anyone have any idea what could cause this?

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