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I am new to  linux, and am assign to project base on linux. I have Linux VM installed. But it never get locked. It always remain on desktop or any open window.

Is there any settings we I need to check and any command.

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which version of linux are you using (Ubuntu, Redhat, ....) ?
Satish AutiSenior System Administrator


I'm no Redhat expert (I use Debian and Ubuntu distros), but I found a possible reason here:

"Why doesn't my screen lock when I'm logged in as root?
gnome-screensaver will blank the screen but will not lock. This is for security reasons. Seriously, it is very unwise to login as root in the first place. Try logging in as an unprivileged user and using sudo or su instead. "

I don't know if you're logged in as root when this happens, but this could be the reason. You should always use another user to login and sudo to root only when needed.

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