Scan to network folder from Ricoh MPC2800

Our office uses a Ricoh Aficio MPC2800 for copying, scanning, fax, and printing.  Prior to a recent power outage, we could scan to a shared folder on two individual workstations or four shared folders on our SBS2011 domain server.  After the power outage, we can still scan to the workstations but cannot scan to any shared folder on the server.  The error message from the connection test at the MPC2800 console is "connection with the PC has failed.  Check the settings."  The print and fax features are fully operational.

We have tried the following:
Verified the username and password of the authentication account for the shared folder.
Added rule to allow the MPC2800 I.P. address to pass thru the firewall.
Disabled server firewall.
Created a new shared folder on the server with new connection on the MPC2800.
Removed and recreated share name and privilege on one of the shared folders on the server.
Configured folder path on MPC2800 using server's I.P. address instead of name - ipaddress\sharedfoldername
Configured folder path on MPC2800 using path displayed on server share information - servername\sharedfoldername
Compared network settings on workstation to network settings on server - subnet, gateway, dns, etc
We have two MPC2800 units on our network.  One unit was taken off the network during the troubleshooting activity.
Contacted local Ricoh support.  Their suggestions are included in the above.

Other observations and information:
The workstations are running Windows 7 Pro.
Some of the shared folders on the server are also mapped on the workstations without any access restrictions.
Prior to the power failure, shared folders for scanning were configured using both methods listed above.
We cannot browse the network from the MPC2800 console.  Error message:  same as above.
All printers and workstations on the domain have static IPs.
No issues printing to the MPC2800.
The server can be pinged from the MPC2800 console.  Printer IP can be pinged from server.
The account used to authenticate the folder has full admin privileges.
MPC2800 uses SMB.

Any additional suggestions on how to troubleshoot or resolve this issue will be appreciated.  We are working around the issue by scanning to the workstations and copying to the server.
Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyAsked:
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Double check credentials, mapping to the network share on the SBS
Double check the share on the SBS
Whose DNS servers does the printer use to resolve servername?
What if you replace servername with the IP of the server?

Domain user credentials, ?

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Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  We have rechecked the items you suggested but we are still unable to have full access to the shared folder.  While showing the problem to another Tech in our office, we tried the network test from the Ricoh console and received a successful test.  We waited a few minutes and tried the test again.  This time, it failed.  Same results with other shared folders on the server.  

A reference was found in our research that mentioned the SMB versions may be different between the server and the Ricoh.  The description of the issue in this article are similar to our issue but it was not the same model of Ricoh device.

Thanks again for your reply.  Any other suggestions will be appreciated.
What is the share? Check whether the number of connections is the limiting factor. You have to determine the cause of the denial......Too many connections, the Share is it a server share or is it a domain based share? The user used to authenticate, type etc.?

Check the windows firewall advanced settings to see whether it is somehow denying ......
Another possibility is DCs out of sync, with credentials, use dcdiag to make sure there are no AD/DC issues that contribute to this issue.
Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyAuthor Commented:
Although we still have this issue, we are closing because we believe the issue is related to an issue with the server but we have other priorities at this time.  We can scan to workstations which meets our needs for now.  We will continue to work on this as time permits.  We may try a firmware update on the Ricoh and then retry scanning to the server.

Thanks for the replies.  Although some of the suggestions were things we had tried, this served as a checklist to verify again.
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