Calculating earleist date and latest date based on MAX and MIN in Weeks and Days Late.

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I wanted to calculate earliest and latest dates based on workdays from MAX weeks and MIN weeks.

On column H (AWARD DATE EARLEIST) Calculate that date in workdays from Column E (LT WKS MAX)
On column I (AWARD DATE LATEST) Calculate that date in workdays from Column F (LT WKS MIN)

Next I wanted to figure out on Column J (POTENTIAL DAYS LATE) on this column I'm open to any suggestions.  My guess is that AWARD DATE LATEST would exceed the REQD DATE then how many days late would that be......something like that.  But like I mentioned I'm open to any ideas on this
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I put the following formulas for Required Date, Max LT and Min LT in D7:F7:

And these formulas for the Earliest Award Date, Latest Award Date and Expedite Days in H7:J7:

The last three formulas use a named range called Holidays that I populated on worksheet Data in cells J2:J11. You had then in cells EV23:EV28, which didn't seem right at all.


Thank you very much!

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