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Outlook 2007 migration of email addresses - NOT contacts - where is this info saved?

Okay, this is an obscure weird one - bear with me.

I have just migrated to a new laptop.  I've copied my .PST files for Outlook 2007 over.  I typically do not use contacts; however, I have become dependent on Outlook dynamically searching as I type in the "To:" box.  For example, I have a guy I work with whose name is Steve.  All I need to do is type "Ste" and I get a list of addresses to choose from.  Mind you, Steve is NOT in my contact list.

How does Outlook learn?  Can I teach it?

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Gasp, it's always the specific word - autocomplete!  Postal address and beverage of choice.  :)  You've made my Friday!
Doh, I still don't know how to use EE
Just as an addendum if someone after me has this same issue, many of the articles are wrong.  For Outlook 2007, you are looking for the file outlook.nk2.  Just search your hard drive and note the date on the files.  Close outlook on the new computer, drop this file into the same location (search the new computer too), and autocomplete will be back.

Note to David - contacts is certainly a better location.
As a further addendum, anyone working with the auto-complete cache regardless of Outlook version would probably find the following two (free) programs from <NirSoft> to be of great value (this is just provided as a FYI - not affiliated with the vendor or programs)