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Raid - 5 6 or 10 undecided... Thoughts?

Small environment esx host (a second host for replicating to), They want close to 8 TB of storage, figure 4-6 Windows server VMs.

For about 20 years have used RAID 5 with a hotspare, with one incident of data loss.
These will be SAS drives hanging off of a Perc 730, can split it to two volumes but they want to have about 8TB of usable for future growth
From a cost perspective it appears that SSDs are still more expensive, and figure they will have the server in prod for 7 years.
I am not sure yet about MTBF for SSDs long term so you might subject yourself to multiple failures over 10 years, introducing more risks on rebuilds.

Option 1 for VMs RAID 5 WITH HOT SPARE
Option 2 for VMs RAID 6 with hot spare (concerned about performance loss on writes and excessive rebuild times.
Option 3 for VMs RAID 10 - VERY expensive and if I am correct if you lose two drives in a volume, the party is over any way.

Cost is a factor, no SATA only SAS across the boards/hardware RAID
They will most likely go with essentials so no storage vmotion because of cost.
If I split into two volumes and lose a drive, can bring down guest and move to other volume while volume with failed drive rebuilds reducing the liklihood of losing the RAID 5 volumes if the rebuild fails.

They will also have a second standby host, where the vms will be replicated to in the event of catastrophic failure.
What do you guys think in this case regarding the required capacity, concerns about performance and limited budet?

Thanks guys!!!
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