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Is there any Microsoft Website that will show me which Windows 10 ISO build will be downloaded with the Media Creation Tool from

I'm searching something like

Many thanks in advance.
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No, Microsoft are serving up the current stable release built on that link.  You can check which build you actually have from the downloaded .iso

- Mount the .iso file so you can see the contents
- Find the "Sources" folder (either in the root or in the x86 / x64 folder)
- Find the Install file (it will be the largest and named either install.wim or install.esd)
- Open an elevated command prompt (as administrator)

- Run the following command:

dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:X:\sources\ /index:1

(Where X is the drive of your mounted image and .xxx is the extension of the installer (.wim or .esd)

You'll get a report generated in the command prompt window describing the build version and other relevant information about the version you have.

It's a bit long winded but short of actually installing the image the only way to get your build details.

Compare with this table

The download will be the "Microsoft recommends" version - so currently the 1703 base "Creators edition")
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I wonder what you would do with that info. The ISO will remain the same (RTM Build 15063.0), no cumulative updates are incorporated, but those would be downloaded if we start setup from the ISO and allow setup to search those. But that does not matte in corporate environments.

Win10 1607 ISO was updated after some months, yes, but who knows if this will happen with 1703. Why do you care?
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Thank you very much.
Have a good start in the new week.

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