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Roaming Profile Issues Admin locked out of .v2 (windows 7)

Hello, Im new to this so if you can provide a step by step guide thank you kindly and please forgive my ignorance.

I found out about "Add the Administrator security group to roaming users profiles" on the local machines. When new profiles are created,  As Admin, I can now access the profile and documents.

What do I do to give my self access to DELETE the old Windows 7 v.2 profiles from my profile home folder?  I can  take ownership and rename the folder, but I cannot delete the folder.  I have about 40 old v.2 profiles I need access to to delete the folders and their contents.

Server 2012 set up as PDC with Active Directory.
Clients are currently Windows 7 using .v2 roaming profiles....at the moment.
40 accounts were created before I added the Administrator security group to roaming users profiles. So im locked out.

HOME FOLDER for user Profiles is C:\PROFILES\    ---- I assume i I need to change some sort of permission on this folder? to be able to delete the  .v2 folders inside???

Please Help.
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