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Set the FileVersion of a website dll


We have a web site project that is part of a solution (1 website [not a web application], many class libraries) in VS2015 and when we make changes it is built through a CI process we run using TeamCity.

This process alters the AssemblyInfo file to set the correct file version and when the site is built the class library .dll files have the correct file version but the website .dll files do not.

Is there any way to achieve this in a MSBuild script? Currently we use the AspNetCompiler option to build the site.

I have also tried a command line tool called StampVer but as the default file version is i cannot use it as it gives an error message because the size of the version is too small (for setting to the original would have to be Is there a way to change the default file version to something else e.g

Also, the project has to be a website because we need the ability to deploy individual code behind files when necessary.

Any help is much appreciated.



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