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T-SQL and CLR parameter strings

I have an assembly I added to SQL
It has 4 parameters in the vb code that are all string

In SQL Server I added the assembly...
But when I try and run this...
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[HelloEveryware] (@user VARCHAR(100), @token VARCHAR(100), @PID VARCHAR(100),@ProspectID VARCHAR(100) )
AS EXTERNAL NAME [HelloEveryware].[HelloEveryware.PassIn].[Confirmation];

I get this message
Msg 6552, Level 16, State 3, Procedure HelloEveryware, Line 1
CREATE PROCEDURE for "HelloEveryware" failed because T-SQL and CLR types for parameter "@user" do not match.

the VB side of this is...

Partial Public Class PassIn
    Public Shared Function Confirmation(user As String, token As String, PID As String, ProspectID As String) As Int32
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