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Please help with How to configure Fax server on Windows server 2012

I am trying to configure the following items on Fas server 2012 but the documentation on this service is scarce . I have checked youtube and google ,
1. I need to configure the  fax service so that any members of a fax users group in AD has rights to use it . ( where do I do this ? )
   Currently when I add a user on the server manually and try to add teh account on the client I get the following message :

You do not have security permissions to complete this operation . Please contact your fax administrator . ( Where do i configure this ? )

2. I need to configure it to route incoming faxes to an email address on hosted exchange ( where do I do this ? )

Ideally i would simply like to migrate all setting from my SBS 2008 fax server to the 2012 fax server .
is this possible or please point me to where i can get answers .
The articles i find are for 2008 and refer to settings and panes in windows service manager which do not exist .
Step 1 Item 4 does not exist in fax service manager .

I dont understand what  I am missing here with this one  ,

Any help will be vastly appreciated as I am on a deadline to complete this .
I installed the role and then the instructions left me dry ,

Thanks in advance !
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Dr. Klahn

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Dr Klahn ,
Thanks for that article . It helped with 80 percent of what I needed , I just need information on how to send incoming faxes to a hosted server .
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Dr. Klahn

Glad to hear this.  I'm sure there's a way to do the forwarding, but I don't know how myself.  Another expert will probably weigh in with a solution for that.