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Call Recorder in IOS


  I want call recorder app for automatic call record for incoming & outgoing calls in IOS10.
Please suggest best free app for call recorder
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Eoin OSullivan
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Call recorder is a free app on ios to record incoming and outgoing calls on your iphone here is the link to download it from apple.
you were too quick to award points
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Tamilarasu P


Call Recorder FREE - Record Phone Calls for iPhone .If i make a call through this app only.i want make call normal phone call with auto record.
did you read it, it records your outgoing and incoming calls ---- who would call you on the app, read the reviews
@Tamilarasu P - yes, correct.  That is why I said there are not any apps which allow you to record automatically and directly from the Phone system.

ALL the iOS apps that offer recording (and there are several apps) .. you have to either start your outgoing call from the app or add the 3rd party app into a 3-way call .. or for incoming calls you have to add in the 3rd party service to the conversation.  None are automatic.
Mr.Natty  I was read the reviews.Your suggestion also right.But through app make call and incoming call are not comfortable for me.
Mr.Eoin said correct.I was tried lot of app for call record.But all the app are not comfortable for make call via phone system.It was very complicated for me .