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V2V conversion or Clone in vCenter vSphere 6.x

I want to create a similar VM in a production environment running Windows Server 2012 R2  (without shutting down the VM). But at the same time  ensure the  GUID, Windows License, SID, etc. is different in both the machines. I do understand P2V or V2V is not a Clone  but a conversion.  The new VM to be used as a production server and NOT for testing.

1. If I clone, will both the  VMs have same  GUID, Windows License, SID?
2. If I do a V2V (using converter   will both the VMs have same GUID, Windows License, SID?
3. Any other option to ensure both the VMs have Different  GUID, Windows License, SID.

Thank you Experts.

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Paul Wagner

8/22/2022 - Mon