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Could you point a way to make a Codeigniter view have a very long timeout?

Hi Experts

Could you point a way to make a Codeigniter view have a very long timeout?

This view maintains a dashboard open in a TV during a long time. This dashboard presents information from time to time by using code like:

 $.getJSON("survey_dashboard/get_totais", function (data) {
	$.each(data, function (g, grupo) {
		if (grupo.GRUPO == 'TOTAL') {
			total = grupo;
		} else if (grupo.GRUPO == 'ATIVO') {
			ativo = grupo;
		} else if (grupo.GRUPO == 'RECEPTIVO') {
			receptivo = grupo;
		} else if (grupo.GRUPO == 'VIVO') {
			vivo = grupo;

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is a Controller function  that calls a SP

  public function get_totais() {

        $data = array();
        $data = $this->survey_model->new_get(array('query' => "CALL proc_pesquisa_totais()"));

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Because an user first need to login the system to charge the dashboard-  this start countnig time,  after the timeout is reached the dashboard closes.

Does CI has a way to extend this time?

Thanks in advance
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Here are many things that can affect the response time like indexes on the table you are using in queries.
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In this case the only relevant aspect is the view timeout. The dashboard must not be closed.

The time used by DB search has no influence, since the dashboard must to remain opened all the time.
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It's a matter of logic.
Simply doesn't maintain a view that couldn't be closed under security system.