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Multiple IPSec Tunnels one Static IP?

We have a remote site, which is currently using pfSense as it's firewall.  There is one static IP, the ISP isn't able to add additional IP's with out changing the IP range, no surprise there.  This site is owned and operated by a vendor and they are not willing to move IP's since it will require a reconfiguration of their network.  The owner is already using IPSec to connect that office back to it's main office.

We have some computer equipment in the remote office and would like to upgrade our network equipment and ideally would like to use IPSec.  While I could move IPSec to another port, the issue is with GRE, as there isn't any real port used.

Are there ways to configure multiple GRE/IPSec tunnels over the same Static IP with different physical hardware?
If so, how?
If not, what are my options?

For our equipment I'm using a MikroTik CCR1016-12G

Thanks in Advance.
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