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I have a pre developed report that was handed down to me in Business Objects and the client is asking to update it according to their needs and requirements. The report is quiet complex and im having some trouble understanding a few things.

My question is: If a column returns Null Value and i want another column to reflect that same column only when the values are none but show data when the column isn't null. How would i put that into a formula?

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I am not sure I follow what you need.

You have data coming to the report.  
You have a column in the report for Field A
You have a column in the report for Field B
If Field A is Null you don't want Field B to show anything
If Field A is NOT Null you want Field B to show its value

I can think of 2 ways to do this

Use a formula for Field B
If Not IsNull({Field A}) then
     {Field B}

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Another way is to suppress Field B when Field A is NULL
Right click Field B
Click the COMMON TAB
Click the FORMULA BUTTON to the right of SUPPRESS
Use this as the formula
IsNull({Field A})

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