GPO - Windows 10 - Language

Is there a way to force Primary input language via GPO .. Let's say that i want a certain group of users to be in french and another group in English.

I'm using a golden image on which the language packs have been installed?

It's a Windows 2016 Domain
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jack jonesCommented:
Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList XXX
 You can set input locale

You cant set it to different users it is based on system to system,, however you can make two options for users
Jack, your command is per user. It can be used in this case as in a logon script that we assign to a user GPO and user security filtering with language-grouped users. is the reference with examples.

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SGT2000incAuthor Commented:
Great ... is there a way to specify the keyboard layout for a specific language  using a powershell script!
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Haven't done it, but looks as if it is easily achievable. There are cmdlets for it, yes.
SGT2000incAuthor Commented:
It does work with powershell commands .... but a reboot is needed as opposed to Windows 7 where you could set  the language via a Simple GPO and modifications would apply/show right away!
SGT2000incAuthor Commented:
Follow up .... you can use GPO with "Restrict the UI Language Windows Should use for the selected user" and "Restrict Selection of Windows Menus and dialogs language" to switch language via a GPO but there is a twist ... not all language pack seems to be supported .. for example "French" ...  The language pack "French France" must be installed in order for this to work ... "French Canadian" language pack will not kick in while trying to switch user to french for some reason ... maybe someone out there knows how to make it work?
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