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Windows 10 Creators Update - Defer Via WSUS

Hi all

I'm wondering what the best way of deferring the Windows 10 Creators update would be across a few networks I support:

- Via WSUS
- Via Group Policy

Additionally, would it be possible to run a PowerShell script across multiple independent WSUS servers to automatically configure them not to install the update, so I don't have to connect onto multiple separate networks and configure their WSUS servers manually?

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If the users have not clicked on "Yes, show me how" yet, then Creator 10 will not install.

I have Creator 10 running on my own consulting machine and it works fine with the exception that I am waiting for a Symantec Update.

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Simply don't approve the update at the WSUS until you're ready.
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Shaun Vermaak
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OP asked for solutions
- Via WSUS
- Via Group Policy
Please note, Rob, that I described a way using WSUS as well. No need to change it, just take a closer look next time.
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