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Migrating from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016

I had this question after viewing Exchange 2010 Coexist with Exchange 2016.

I am midway through and Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 migration.  At this point I have Exchange 2016 set up and configured but not communicating with my external smart host.  

If I move a mailbox to Exchange 2016, the mailbox is no longer accessible through the standard owa address, email.mydomain.com.  If a user connects to their mailbox after it is moved to Exchange 2016, they are prompted for their username and password each time.  Additionally, many of our users have full mailbox access to other users.  They are no longer able to access mailboxes added to their Outlook client that still exist on 2010.  

I plan to completely transition to Exchange 2016 and remove my Exchange 2010 server but I'm looking to move as many mailboxes as possible before trying to complete the transition as I know that the actual moving of the mailboxes will take some time.  

I am able to send and receive e-mail from a mailbox on Exchange 2016 so it appears that the mail flow is set up correctly.  How can I allow access to both mailbox servers during my transition?  Also, we have many iPhone/Android users using activesync.  Eventually the 2016 server will have the same cert as well as the same external DNS same as the old 2010 server.  Will it be necessary to reconfigure the mobile users after moving their mailboxes to 2016?

Also, internal and external url's on the Exchange 2010 server point to (as an example, mail.mydomain.com).  On the exchange 2016 server we have all internal url's pointed to (exchange2016.mydomain.local) while external url's point to mail.mydomain.com.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

It seems you haven't updated scp connection. You need to update the SCP connection to 2016. Finally you need to route traffic from 2016 back to 2010. This is the way, all migration are done.

SCP for Exchange2010 server is https://autodiscover.mydomain.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml
SCP for Exchange2016 server is https://email.mydomain.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml

We use split brain DNS.  Would I update both SCP records to, "https://email.mydomain.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml"?

Currently in mydomain.com dns autodiscover is a cname record for email.mydomain.com and there is an a record for email.mydomain.com to point to the internal address of Exchange2010 server.

Would I also need to change DNS?

This is from Microsoft:

The Deployment Assistant configures your Exchange 2016 deployment so that the URL used by internal and external users to access your Exchange server is the same. If you have a different addressing scheme for your organization, you can change the internal and external URLs to match that scheme.

You open Exchange deployment assistant tool. Choose 2016 to 2010 upgrade with split DNS. It will give you all steps. Verify, with your steps you did till now and make the required correction, if needed.

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I have made the SCP addresses both point to https://autodiscover.mydomain.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml.
I have changed all internal/external url's to also match on both servers.  However, I am still unable to open additional mailboxes in Outlook.  

I receive, "The set of folders cannot be opened.  Network problems are preventing connection to Microsoft Exchange".  The RPC Client Access Logs on Exchange 2010 state, "Lgon: [RopExecutionException] Cannot redirect to v15 and later servers.  Error code = unknown user.  Mail flows correctly between these two users.

I changed the SCP Record for both servers to point to the same URL, https://email.mydomain.com.  I still had issues for any mailboxes connected to the new exchange server.  However, when I modified the host records on individual machines to point email.mydomain.com to the Exchange2016 server address, everything seems to work well.  I believe if I change my internal DNS record of email.mydomain.com to point to the IP of the Exchange 2016 server, everything will work.
Ajit Singh

The recommended practice is to change the URLs configured on your Exchange 2016 servers to aliases or generic host names such as “mail.domain.com” after you first install the server. Exchange Server 2016 Client Access Namespace Configuration

This article shows steps to configure external and internal URL in Exchange 2016.

For migration from exchange server 2010 to exchange 2016, You may consider Exchange Server Deployment Assistance just answer few questions and get step-wise check list for deployment. You may also get help from this article fro migration to exchange server 2016.

Hope this helps!
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