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There is a "Facebook", but I've always felt there should be a "Familybook".  We don't live in isolation of each other, we have families and each member of the family has personal electronics which can take and view pictures and store music tracks.  In the pre-smartphone home, these were easily shared between family members.  You could reach in the bookshelf in the den to view photos.  You could borrow your sister's Metallica album, etc.

Now that you know my mindset, is there a hidden way in Google for my family members to share our Google cloud files (Google Photos and Google Play Music) between family members?  The only option I have seen so far is to literally log out of your account and log in to your family member's account.  I know you can create a photo album and make it available for "public" or "family" but this is not what I'm talking about.

As an example of my intent, my wife and I are going on a cruise next month.  I will be taking photos with my phone, as will my wife with hers.  When we get back, we (meaning she) wants to merge them then go through and pick out the best to be made public.

Ideas?  Hints?  Compassion?

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Not what I mean.

In my Google photos, I have over 500 photos that I want my wife to have access to.  I don't want a copy sent to her, I want her to have direct access.  She has about 100 or so in her Google photos account.  When all is said and done, we would have 600+ photos merged together.

Think about a LAN.  I can have my computer and my wife's computer connected through a simple network.  I can then make a folder on my computer available for her to map to and view and edit any files within that folder.  She can do the same.  From either user's point of view it looks like the folder is local to the machine.

This is what I'm talking about.
if you are using a LAN at home, did think about purchasing a network-attached storage (NAS) device.

you can connect it directly to your router and you will both have access to it

here are some ideas for you:
Network-attached storage (NAS) devices

A NAS device (aka NAS server) is very similar to an external drive. But instead of connecting to a computer directly, it connects to a network via a network cable (or Wi-Fi) and offers storage space to the entire network at the same time.
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I was only using the LAN as an example of how I want to handle Google photos.
the only other way i can think of is to use a FREE Windows OneDrive account and place all the photos there.

you can then allow your wife (or anyone else) to access the photos for editing OR viewing only. only the person who "owns" the account can upload photos to it
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Well, I don't like the answer, but it's an answer none the less.

Thanks.  :-)
another way to share pictures is on

you need to have a Yahoo account to open a Flickr account

you make all your pictures PRIVATE, then share any pictures with anyone you wish (the persons you share with do not require an account).

simply share the account login and password with your wife so that you both have access to upload your photos.

you can each edit the photos on your own PC, then upload only those you want to share to Flickr...

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