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Advice needed: I need to take data from a web application and transfer the data to word for report automation...

I am designing a web application using HTML5, bootstrap and javascript using .net core.
I need to take the data gathered (saved from the web form) and get it to print in a word (.docx) template.

This word template will have static text and need to accept the data from the the web form.
I was "thinking" about trying to save the data as .xml...

I also need for the word template to handle "if" statements because some things may or may not print based on certain variables or flags.

The challenge here is all this needs to use aws and formatted for the cloud. NO IIS!!!!!

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Arana (G.P.)

you can save the data to a database and automate printing from word using mailmerge, will that work for you? (mailmerge supports conditional field printing)
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@arana, my document my contain anywhere from minimum of 30 different tags to over 100 tags to be passed and replaced with data. My smallest document is 2 pages and the largest is over 50 pages with static text and variable data.  Will mail merge work?
I suggest that you post a non-confidential sample document so that we can see what we are dealing with.
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Arana (G.P.)

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