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Select the 2 most recent visit dates

I'm grouping on customerID in a query and want to pickup the last 2 visitdate, what's the best approach.

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

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slightwv saves the day again. You helped me on a similar question couple of years back and I was recalling how to write it,  but bit in a hurry and had to pose the question again.
Many Thanks
I'm not sure if a follow-up question will cause the case to be reopen, but here's the question;

The solution provided gives me the following;

CutomerID, VisitDate
12345           20170101
12345           20170315

Is there a way to flatten the record, for example:

CustomerID, VisitDate1,  VisitDate2
12345            20170101    20170315

Appreciate any suggestion.
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

Again, untested but should go something like this:
select customerid, 
max(case when rn=1 then visitdate end) visitdate1,
max(case when rn=2 then visitdate end) visitdate2
 from (
select customerid, visitdate, row_number() over(partition by customerid order by visitdate desc) rn from sometable
where rn <=2
group by customerid

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Worked like a charm.
In good hands with slightwv.
Many thanks