Can reCAPTCHA be installed when the FORM is pointing to an external server?

Brad Bansner
Brad Bansner used Ask the Experts™
I have successfully installed reCAPTCHA a few times on my own websites when the form and the processor script are both located on my website. I retrieve the results of the form submission in the processor script, do a call to the Google API, check the result, and proceed accordingly.

However, a client is asking me to install reCAPTCHA when the form is pointing to Insightly:

<form name="insightly_web_to_lead" action="" method="post">

Is that possible? In this case, I don't have access to the form submission before everything is sent to Insightly, so I can't check to see if the submission is legitimate or not.

Either its not possible, or I don't understand how to implement it in this scenario. I would appreciate any assistance!

Thank you.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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The captcha has to be processed on the receiving server.  If you don't have access, you can't do it.
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The idea of an captcha is to assist in making sure your form is processed by a human and not automatically.  If you do not have control over where the form is processed, then as Dave has said, it will not work for you in the traditional manner.  

However, there is a work around.  Assuming the form is on your server and you are currently pointing the form to inslightly as noted by your code.
<form name="insightly_web_to_lead" action="" method="post">

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What you will want to do instead is point the form to your server.
<form name="insightly_web_to_lead" action="" method="post">

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Then on your page createinsightlylead you will process the form data where you have first used your captcha and perhaps some additional tests like checking for all fields to be input.  Then use the API to submit the data behind the scenes

Before taking that on, determine if there is an ongoing problem first. Insightly may already have something in place.
Brad BansnerWeb Developer


I kind of figured something like that might be possible, of course it is a bit of a hassle. Thanks for your input.

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