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We have Skype for Business.  How can we communicate with normal skype users?  We turned on external communications in office 365, and we all have Skype for Business on OSx.  Some of the users we need to speak with have regular skype.  I tried to add them via their skype email address but it just keeps saying We couldn't send the message at this time.  Over and over.  The person on regular skype never gets the contact request either.
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Hey, I am using Skype and Skype for Business both.. I have noticed below points and these points may answer your queries:

1. Skype for Business is for Corporate or Organisational use where you can define administrative policies and restrictions like which other Skype for Business domain should be able to communicate with your Skype for Business domain or you can even allow all domain to be able to chat with your Skype for business domain. It can be achieved from Skype for Business Admin console.
2. Skype if a free app by Microsoft which can be used publicly without any administrative or central controls.
3. Yes, you can communicate from Skype for Business to Skype users. You just need to select Skype instead of Skype for Business while adding contact in your Skype for Business app.
Reference Screenshot4. To be able to add Skype users in your Skype for business app, you must ensure that Skype is allowed in your network completely. Else, no connect request will reach to Skype user seating outside your domain.
5. Optional Note: After successful contact connection with Skype user, you can make video call, Audio call with them but you would not be able to send any files from Skype for Business app to Skype users. And, Its good with security point of view.


So is this feature on OS x Skype for Business?  I see this on windows, but our issue is on OS x.  Everyone has a mac here.
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Ohh thats the worry point then.. You can't use Skype for Business to communicate with users using free version of Skype.

You may refer the MS KB below in support of above statement.


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