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Delphi Seattle : no valid licence information after renaming the computer


This is my second case this happens:

  1. Delphi Seattle is correctly licenced and working
  2. I reboot the computer (Delphi is not running)
  3. Rename the computer
  4. Reboot the computer
  5. Install some programs (not Delphi)
  6. Rename the computer back to original name
  7. Reboot the computer
  8. When I start Delphi : error message -> "No valid licence information found for Delphi Seattle..."

In fact, the Delphi wasn't running (it didn't know) that the computer name was different for a short time and yet it stops working.

Why is this and how can I prevent it?

Thank you.

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Geert G

8/22/2022 - Mon