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Large manufacturers that make monitors seldom make a huge mistake in manufacturing. And if they did they would correct it asap especially in an item that sells well and that they intend to continue to manufacture. The mystery: I have two brand new Dell 25" Ultra monitors model U2515H. Both of them exhibit what I and many others feel is unexpected behavior of the on/off switch. The switch is a capacitance type touch switch. Often the switch will not turn the monitor on. Often times when the monitor is working apparently fine the switch will not turn it off. This MAY be some type of "feature" that many, including me, do not understand. The monitor has been out for at least one year. I confirmed with Dell that their own monitors with the exact same model number behave the same as mine. When googling the model and "on/off" switch the hits are many describing the same actions.

Does any Expert know FOR SURE what the reason behind this seemingly odd behavior is? There are many opinions given on the net, but most of them have later posts in the thread that indicate that they were incorrect. Note: I have a strong suspicion that the actual manufacturer of this item is Samsung.

Why do these monitors behave this way?
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