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Eduardo Alvarado
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Hi all,
I'm having a problem with the administrator user account, is not a big deal but I need to remove this. The server was a DC but I have demoted it so now is working locally only, in user accounts there are only 2 accounts(administrator and guest) but when  I go to CMD
it says:

and I need it only to be as:

How do I remove the .OSCARSERVER??

Thanks in advance.
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Make a new user account and make it a member of Domain Administrators. Log into the new account and delete the one you want to delete.
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That isn't nor ally an indication of a problem. To best help you, could you say why you need this change?
Just adding to the good answers above.....

When you first log in as a user, the \users\<username> folder is created.  If you then create the same username under a different domain or workgroup (or local) when you log in as that user the folder name will be \users\<username>.<domain or computer name>.  Other than the cosmetic issue, it should work without any problem as Cliff indicated.

John's answer should get you what you want except I think you want to make the user a Local Administrator and not a Domain Administrator.  I'm assuming that I'm understanding your post correctly that it is not only not a DC but it is also no longer on the domain.  If I'm incorrect and it is still on the domain, then I agree with John's answer.
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and I need it only to be...

Why?  Who cares?  Are you trying to script something?  That's the only reason I can think of why you might want to care... but even scripting has an answer for this that doesn't require you to change it.  

The easiest way to change it is:
0. BACKUP the existing administrator account profile
1. create a new administrator account with a DIFFERENT name
2. Log in to the computer with the new account.
3. go to the system control panel, profiles button, and delete the existing administrator profile (as well as the old domain admin account profile
4. log out.
5. log back in as the administrator account (it should recreate the profile and give you what you want.

Of course, while it doesn't matter and doing this is an exercise in futility in my opinion, you also should NOT be using the administrator account - you should be DISABLING it and using a different account with admin rights.
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Great many thanks!
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You are very welcome and I was happy to help.

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