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Localhost access denied

I had this question after viewing HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied When I try to reach http://localhost.

I set up an ftp server to dish up archived sermons and it works flawlessly from a computer web browser via download or streaming(mp3 format). However, I discovered today that no matter what flavor of smart phone(android or apple), the stream fails. I expected to prompted to download the file via phone, but, they attempt to initiate a stream instead with no option for downloading. I ended up giving up and decided to attempt an iis website to serve them up. After setting it up along with permissions for IIS_IUSR but am still getting 403 error of forbidden. I've done an iisreset a couple times to no avail.
 I haven't been able to view even the default website from http://localhost or http://servername to check on my directory browsing. Not sure where else to look.
Obviously, I don't have an extensive background with iis, and any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
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