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Software upgrade to new version on newly purchased title

I may be delusional, but I am facing an issue that I personally do not see as a fair policy regarding upgrades. Am I being scammed by a manufacturer or is this normal: I just purchased an upgrade from Coreldraw X7 to what was the new iteration of Coreldraw. X8 I have only had the product approximately two weeks. By chance I discovered that they JUST came  out with a new version: Coreldraw 2017. I phoned inquiring how I could get the latest version (free I expected) and was faced with a demand for $25.00 for a download key!! $25. to upgrade to a new version after only two weeks??? ?They additionally wanted $15. for a physical CD of the software which I did get with my new purchase. This, to me, seems like a very harsh money grubbing policy that came as a shock to me. I could certainly understand if I had used the product for even several weeks, but less than one month? Am I being ripped off by the manufacturer or is this a normal situation for software manufacturers? I naturally am extremely disappointed by what I am being told by the company. I have paid for EVERY upgrade to Coreldraw for the past 15 years or so and never faced this type of issue.

Just as an aside: I believe in paying for ALL the software that I use. I also realize that there are many hackers out in the world that do not pay for all the software that they use. I wonder what percentage of these hackers essentially steal the product solely due  to perceived outrageous and unfair policies such as I have described above.
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