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WIndows 7 remote desktop issue

When I VPN to work and I try to remote desktop it errors out with"remote desktop connection has stopped working". I fixed it before I think by registering the mstsc file or something like that but I cant find the fix anymore. Anybody have a fix?
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Durga Ojha
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After connecting to VPN. Please do ping to the remote desktop IP . and see if its replying, then try remote desktop
we need to check if VPN connection successful and you are able to reach to the remote computer.
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Is this happening when you initiate the session, or while you are using it already?
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When I initiate the session
Try disabling remote audio. That may do the trick.
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Randy Downs
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Also, check in the Event Viewer. You should be able to find entries for when things happen. It should name a module that was involved. If I recall properly, having Ogg Vorbis installed can cause issues if you remote audio enabled.