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Microsoft Access

Hi All,

I am trying to build a Microsoft web database to automate some of the tasks in our team.

In the process, I am facing some issues in creating temp variable and storing the value of combobox in the variable. The process followed by me is as below:

On the Combobox After Update event, run macro SetTempVar Name : LocationCombo Expression = [Combo0]

MessageBox [TempVars]![Combo0]

I am trying to run the message box to see if the variable is captured correctly but it throws the expression (TempVars!Combo0) as a string instead.

Appreciate if someone can help on the query.
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what about

MessageBox [TempVars]![Combo0]!Text


MessageBox [TempVars]![Combo0]!Value
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Also note that Access is retiring AWAs, so you might rethink your use of them. They're moving to PowerBI instead, and if history is any indication there won't be a conversion tool!
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worked for me