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SBS 2011 Exchange question - how would you check for a mailbox and who it forwards to?

I'd like to hope there's an easy way to do this, but I'm coming up blank.

A client says " I thought we had an email box xxx@ourdomain.com that forwards to joe and steve'.  But when someone sends to that address, no one says they get the email.

What are the steps to see if that address is valid and if and to who it forwards to?  This is on SBS 2011, but would the answer differ on 0365?

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Adam Brown
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actually, in exchange management console under recipients, distribution groups, I see the mailbox in question.  And under properties, I see the 2 people that should be getting the emails.

And we are using reflexion for spam filtering. We see the email coming through reflexion and they say it was delivered successfully to our mail server.

care to suggest the next steps to trace the path of an email sent to xxx

AH!!! but I just sent a test message to that xxx mailbox and just got:

Your message can't be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted.

That email address is set up to receive only internal emails?!  

yep, mailflow - only authenticated users is (was) checked.

F that!  

TOO many settings in so many places for small businesses. But I guess it's job security, cause I should know these things and set it right at the start. It's a do it yourselfer that will call saying I set up a distribution list but people aren't getting emails from outside..

thanks for YOUR help
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David Atkin
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Your Distribution Group is not set to receive mail from External users.

Change it via the SBS Console under groups.
And nothing against your answer & your help, but I ran that PS command.

a) since it'snot a mailbox, I get an error that xxx doesn't exist (even though as a forwarder / distribution list, it DOES
b) and even running the right command to see that it exists as a dist list, you still might forget about it being for authenticated users only, right?
c) it's a several step process to see about xxx forwarding to bob and steve, right? Nothing simple / i step?
d) how would you set things up / what's the right way - as a dist list? as a mailbox that foirwards only?  any thoughts on pros / cons of each way?

and I keep feeling i need to 'learn' PS.  But to me, it seems to be a myriad of commands and swtiches.  sometthing you can really 'learn'?  Did you know that line off the top of your head?

I can do (very) rudimentary dos batch... there' some logic to that. but to find a command and switch for what you want in PS, you just have to look them up?

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Adam Brown
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If you need to have multiple users receive an email from a specific address, a Distribution list is the correct way to go about it. Your original question didn't actually mention this was a list, but rather an "email box," which I took to mean mailbox.

If you want external users to be allowed to send to  distribution list, you can certainly disable the authentication requirement, but I would recommend developing a list of external users that *can* send to the list, then create contact objects in AD for those email addresses and add them to the allow list in the delivery management settings. That will help reduce your spam level a good bit.

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