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VBA Replace Function - What am I missing?

Hi All,

I suspect this would be fairly simple, but I am missing it.  I am simply trying to take a number that is formatted in a time format and changing them all to seconds, so I can work with the same units.  The original value is formatted with decimals, like 1.234.567.890, and it will be designated at (ns), (us), (ms), etc.  So the first thing I need to do is replace all except the first decimal.  I am trying to use the replace function for that.  But it is replacing all, despite the starting number I am entering.
Dim myArray() As Variant
Dim NumText As String
Dim DecPos As Integer
Dim i as long

i = 0
ReDim myArray(Selection.Count)

For Each cel In Selection
    myArray(i) = cel.Value
    i = i + 1

For i = LBound(myArray) To UBound(myArray)
NumText = myArray(i)
DecPos = InStr(1, NumText, ".")
If DecPos > 0 Then
    If InStr(1, (Right(NumText, Len(NumText) - DecPos)), ".") > 0 Then
        NumText = Replace(NumText, ".", "", Start:=DecPos + 1)
    End If
End If

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So NumText starts as '1.412.877.593 (s)', but after the replace function, it is '412877593 (s)'.  What happened to the "1." at the beginning?

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Patrick Matthews
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Not sure why you would need to keep the first decimal point, but this function does it:

Function KeepOnlyFirstDecimal(InputStr As String)
    Dim arr As Variant
    Dim Counter As Long
    If InputStr <> "" Then
        arr = Split(InputStr, ".")
        If UBound(arr) > 0 Then
            KeepOnlyFirstDecimal = arr(0) & "." & arr(1)
            For Counter = 2 To UBound(arr)
                KeepOnlyFirstDecimal = KeepOnlyFirstDecimal & arr(Counter)
            KeepOnlyFirstDecimal = InputStr
        End If
        KeepOnlyFirstDecimal = InputStr
    End If
End Function

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Wow, really over-thought that one :)