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How can I delete dublicated rows by using for loop in SQL?

Hi; I have a dublicated rows table like below.
	 SELECT count(*) ,d.SapContractNumber, d.MaterialNumber, d.SapDeliveryNumber, d.Batch
                     FROM  DeliveryItems d 
                     GROUP BY
                                 d.SapContractNumber, d.MaterialNumber, d.SapDeliveryNumber, d.Batch HAVING COUNT(*) >1

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Above Query Result:
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My removing query for dublicated rows below:

      delete from DeliveryItems  where  SapContractNumber = '3120009625' and MaterialNumber = '03002721122' and SapDeliveryNumber = '3140095689' and Batch = '61974301'
 and Id NOT IN
               (SELECT max(d.Id)
                     FROM  DeliveryItems d  where  d.SapContractNumber = '3120009625' and d.MaterialNumber = '03002721122' and d.SapDeliveryNumber = '3140095689' and d.Batch = '61974301'
                     GROUP BY
                            d.SapContractNumber, d.MaterialNumber, d.SapDeliveryNumber, d.Batch

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My Question is here! How can i do that by using above query(First Query)result to remove dublicated rows. I have to use second query inside of the a for loop (FETCH NEXT) to push (SapContractNumber,MaterialNumber ,SapDeliveryNumber,Batch ) from First query.

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