Freeing up Space on Win 8.1

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Hey guys, im running low on space.

I see my INSTALL folder in Windows is taking up 35Gb

anything I can do to free up space, or in space in general?
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You can try something like WinDirStat ( to figure out what is taking up so much space.


I did that already.

And what have it indicated? You can right click Windows OS drive and choose properties >> Disk Clean up
Apart from that, there is not much you can do 35GB is pretty decent for a Windows OS Install.
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Keep in mind that programs like WinDirStat may not report the correct size of the Windows folder. Those programs add up all the file sizes of the files, but the Windows folder uses hard links to put the same file in multiple folders without it taking up additional space. Use the built-in Windows Update Cleanup Tool instead:
In Windows 8, open Disk Cleanup Tool and use the Windows Update Cleanup option to clean the WinSxs.

You can also uninstall unused programs to remove the files they store in the Windows folder.

How big is your harddrive? How much free space do you have left? Is this a desktop or laptop?

Do you ever hibernate your PC? If it's a desktop, the answer may be no. You can turn off hibernation to remove the hiberfil.sys file and regain space about equiviliant to the amount of RAM you have.

In terms of other space, check your user folder, as that's where most of the space gets used. Is it possible to move some files to a secondary internal or to an external drive (while still backing them up somewhere else)? You can potentially move some user folders like Documents, Downloads, Videos, Pictures, etc to a secondary drive. The link below is instructions for Windows 10, but I believe their identical for Windows 8:

Well in general it should give you a pretty good enough indication where space is. There is only so much you can do to clean up the OS install folder.
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did you run disk cleanup from the disk properties yet?
you can delete ant tmp files also !

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