1 cable box to feed 2 TVs? HDMI cable max length? Switchbox? Splitter? Other ideas?

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We have 2 large screen / HDMI input TVs.  We've been paying for 2 cable boxes - 1 is a (whole house) DVR and the other is just a cable box.  There's only 2 of us in the house / we never watch tv on both TVs at once.

I can return the 1 cable box and save about $12 a month, I'd like to be able to feed the 2nd TV (now without a cable box) with a signal from the HDMI output of the DVR cable box.  Yeah, we have to run between the 2 TVs to change channels, etc.

What's the max cable length for an HDMI cable and still have a usable signal at the far end?

I'm familiar with coax and A/B switchboxes and signal splitters to get the signal to both TVs (and either use the A/B switch or just splitter depending on signal quality). But don't know about HDMI.

Is there an equiv to a coax splitter for HDMI? Does signal suffer? or is it digital so it's OK if we are within that max length above?

Or is there an A/b box to split hdmi?

And is there a way to get the remote's signal from the 2nd TV down to the first? (that gadget that you clip the lightsource in front of the DVR box's infra red receiver?

is all of this going to cost more than the $12 / month?  or do you have some other ideas?
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Jackie Man IT Manager
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And is there a way to get the remote's signal from the 2nd TV down to the first?

No, unless the DVR box can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.
Be a little careful; there are 4 different specs for HDMI that affect the frame rate and maximum resolution.  If you get or have a 4K TV, this is pretty obsolete:
The maximum safe length for a standard HDMI cable is 50 feet.
Jackie Man IT Manager
Top Expert 2010

You need to contact your cable service provider to see whether there is an option to remote control your DVR from apps like TWC TV app via the Internet.

Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional
You also might see if there is an RF remote control option for your DVR. Then it would work through walls.
As it's cable
Here in Australia we cant send to different rooms without using 2 of their propriety cable media boxes / with each comes a remote control .
These boxes are just like a set top box only propriety. Owned by that company and have a monthly fee.
However, like you I wanted to have Fox/cable in my bedroom as well as the lounge.
I have only one cable box. Foxtel.
I do not have the fox media box instead i bought a Panasonic twin HD DVR. It's more than half the price now to what I paid for ours.
However there are many varied types of TV set top boxes DVR ( digital Video Recorder)  with builtin HDD even cheaper and do the same job.
I prefer Panasonic they have a long life and do wonders.
The newer models have Netflix and internet connection and includes wireless.

So what I have done, and have had it for many years.
Connect the  Foxtel cable box console to the Panasonic twin HD TV DVR  that is 2 cables from the Foxtel box their default and the antennai,
 The outside antennai is one cable called the TV antennai to the Panasonic for the TV viewing. The TV acts like a monitor only.

Then ran a DVI cable between the Panasonic DVR to the large TV. put the TV onto AVS1 bingo it is now controlled by the Panasonic.
I switch the Panasonic onto AVS1 for the cable TV  can use Fox's remote control, then switch it over to TV input using the Panasonic remote for free to air digital TV. using Panasonic's remote control,

Panasonic DVR has 5 options input selection, AVS1 or AVS2 /TV/DV/DVD./USB
I can record both  Fox and free to Air onto the Panasonic HDD. Then burn to DVD if I so choose, I have used RW DVD.

Now I get a spare output socket from the TV itself the antenna out  ie comsal cable.
Comsol Male-Male 5M or longer Antenna Cable with Female Adapter
 I ran  this same cable from TV out into the bedroom TV input antennai in,, then tuned it into channel O. so now channel O  picks up the one channel from Foxtel/ whatever is displayed on that TV.
Like you I have to set it on one channel only to watch in the bedroom as I have no way to change channels.
works great.
The TV in bedroom I added a small HD set top box which supports a USB drive and it can record into that as well as watch Digital TV.
Makes your head spin right lol but it works.

The only loss in this setup is the remote control for Foxtel, and can watch only one channel of Foxtel.
But the small set top box is for the TV viewing and has it's own remote control. Plenty to watch switching between them.
So the costs is a new set top box and the cables.

 Oh yes I tried the remote control through the walls idea and it doesn't work sorry .
I tried mirrors as well. No go.
If it did what a problem that could cause with more than one TV in the house or next door :)
The bases for all these restrictions is the legalities and money/costs of the cable TV.
A little ingenuity  and know how you  can do a lot on the cheap.

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