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Stephen Forlance

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What kind of script/language created this graph?

Hi all,
anyone know what kind of scripting can create a visualation like this?

Jquery? Javascript?

If anyone can point me towards a script or plugin that would be great,

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Ray Paseur
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It would be helpful if we could have a link to the URL, instead of a picture.  Have you tried inspecting it with this?

My guess is not jQuery, but maybe some kind of JS framework.
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Stephen Forlance


Its from:

However, I dont have access to the system

Sorry, E-E makes me post this, too. "Please provide an explanation of how this link is relevant to the problem being discussed."

You might contact them directly and ask:
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If that is a standard HTML page (not a Java applet) then it would have been a JavaScript library. Looks like an Angular application potentially using D3

Have you looked at D3
Something more-or-less similar here:

The visual thesaurus comes from 

They license their SDK commercially.
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