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Can a USB-C-to-USB-3.0 cable be used to connect 2 windows notebook for data transfer


In a recent question related to data transfer, an EE stated in an entry that "Standard USB-c strait through cables work as transfer cables" for his Mac computer.

We have Aukey USB-C-to-USB-3.0 (see below).

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However, when we connect our 2 "Windows" laptop, one end in USB-C and the other device in it's USB 3.0, there was no sign of either devices detecting their connection.

please advice.
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USB protocol does not define host to host connections. It is always about a host and a device (e.g.. PC and smartphone acting as external storage).
But the USB-C cabling specification allows for additional protocols and data streams, but sides need to agree on using them. By default you will not be able to use an USB cable for direct fransfer between PCs, you wil need software to do so.
use a network cable
those were designed for this

can you use a spoon to tighten a screw ?
sometimes yes, but it's easier with the correct screwdriver
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Our question came from an entry of an EE; we  wanted to open a new question so as not to continue with a  closed question (click here for the EE comment on the matter)
I know what you're saying that is why in that EE I said in my nearly 20 yrs experience never seen it done Cross over cables every pro should have a spare
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Understood.  So are you saying that USB cables we cannot be used connect 2 computers for data transfer?
As said in #a42110459 - you can't, without additional software and depending on hardware.
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Based on the cable in the question, 'Aukey USB-C-to-USB-3.0', what software do we need?
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Thank you very much!