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Need create populate sheet after selected data

I have data in this sheet
User generated image
i need populate just the ord columns in new sheet like this
User generated image

here the file
any help Please !
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Martin Liss
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Why do you need that sheet?
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Matin Thnks for ask !!
try to  summarize data  from the original
more easy to work in
You say that it's "more easy to work in". What work are you referring to?
Martin good friend i need to summarize data  from the original
to make it more easy to work on
When you say "summarize" are you talking about the RESULTS COUNTING sheet?
No ! Martin !

from the preview Sheet
I need take just the  columns with the name ORD
to a new sheet could be call SELECT TO COUNTING

IM not talking now about RESULTS COUNTING sheet in this moment
OK, just out of curiosity, what do you do with the SELECT TO COUNTING sheet?
well Martin good friend of mine

SELECT TO COUNTING sheet help me to see and work better with the data Summarized
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Martin Liss
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thanks very much Martin for you help like always !!
Thanks !!
Is this related to your other question?
HI! Roy_Cox

JUST need make an resume sheet in here !
what i mean Roy  need the columns just  ord  in the new sheet
Roy_Cox not they are diferrents situations

here i need to create data be Summarized not count