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Capture and interpret serial port data

I use a microcontroller to generate a sine wave. The microcontroller has a serial port (UART) and sends the digital generated data to a serial port of the PC. I use a USB to RS232 TTL adapter.
I can see the data on PC using serial port terminal software.
The data is sent using 115200 baud rate and has the format 8 bit, odd, 2 bit of stop.
I have tested several serial port programs. Among them are RealTerm to see and capture or RS232 Data Logger to capture.
My problem is that I cannot see the data in the proper format.
I expect to see some number, positive and negative, which define the sine wave and in fact I can see them on the screen using RealTerm software set properly, but the real problem is that I would like to capture the data and analyze it later, eventually in Excel or other programs.
When is captured, then is either HEX or String ASCII and for some reason I cannot convert it to the positive and negative, which define the sine wave. Either is not captured properly or must be converted. Here I need the help.
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