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I am having an ODBC timeout issue with an Access Frontend

Hello All

I am having an odd thing happen.  I have a form in Access that runs 2 append queries.  One will append fields on the form to one table and the other will append different fields to a different table.  Neither table is linked in any way to each other.  The only thing they share is the same key field (basically I originally had all the fields in one table but it started to get hard to deal with so I just split it into 2 tables).

The append queries each add about 20 fields to each table (one record).  The first append query runs fine, but then I get a timeout on the second one (I have attached the error).

This only started happening today.  Up until now all was fine.

The tables have a little over 11000 records.  There are about 20 people in the company but only 2 people at most use that form that runs those 2 append queries.

Here is the Append Query that is failing

INSERT INTO QuoteStatusAddendum ( TrueID, [Standard Order], [ARC Type], [ARC Wording], QuoteItem, [Discount Type], [Main Or Copy], [Raman Notes] )
SELECT [Forms]![Popup ARC]![txtIDBuilder] AS Expr1, [Forms]![Popup ARC]![chkStandardOrder] AS Expr2, [Forms]![Popup ARC]![cboProductID] AS Expr3, [Forms]![Popup ARC]![txtARCDetails] AS Expr4, [Forms]![Popup ARC]![cboQuoteItemName] AS Expr5, "None" AS Expr6, "Main" AS Expr7, [Forms]![Popup ARC]![txtIDBuilder] AS Expr8;

Any insights would be much appreciated.

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